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Paul V. Coates – Confidential File, Nov. 28, 1959

November 28, 2009 |  2:00 pm


Mash Notes and Comment

 Paul Coates   "Dear Paul,

    "You might remember me.  I'm Memphis Weed's singer friend from Hollywood.

    "Memphis wrote to you once about me and the songs I recorded.  You printed his letter and then you printed a letter I wrote you after that. 

    "I've been reading you regularly ever since.

    "You seem to write  a lot about the problems of people who end up in jail for one reason or another, what it's like and the things that happen to them.
"I remember when I was in the City Jail on a traffic warrant for two days once. 

    "How different it is and how quickly you are forgotten by the public!"

(signed)  Kirk Atello, P.O. Box 233, San Clemente.

image     --You know how it is, Kirk.  Out of sight, out of mind.


    "Mr. Paul Coates:
"In last Saturday's paper, you stated that you knew who was president of the United States in 1875.

    "If you are that well educated and brilliant, why do you stay in the newspaper business?" 

(signed)  Gordon Stuart, 1015 Galloway St., Pacific Palisades.

   --It's that damn printers' ink.  It gets in your blood.


    "Dear Paul,

    "Ho!  Without looking it up or asking somebody, who WAS President in 1875?"

(signed)  J. Farrell, 20452 Ruston Rd., Woodland Hills.

    --Ho, yourself!  Zachary Taylor.


    "Dear Coates:
"In your smug answer to the poor lady who lost the stove, you told her you knew who was president in 1875.

    "But conspicuously absent from your answer to her was the NAME of the man who was
president in 1875.
  "Being the suspicious type, I immediately deduced that (1) you didn't REALLY know who was president in 1875, and (2) you were too lazy to go look it up.
  "After reading your column, I got curious and not being the lazy type, I DID look it up.

    "I'll give you a clue.  He's buried in Grant's Tomb!" 

(signed)  Big Billy, Long Beach.

    -Zachary Taylor?


    "to Paul Coats, the Mirrow News,

    "California 20, Stanford 17.

Nov. 28, 1959, Abby

    "Paul this was big game day at Stanford.  I was with my wife at a greek bar in Palo Alto but I got rid of her, she was giving me a bad time and I jumped in my Taxi and drove in front of the Yellow Cab office Palo Alto.

Looking for Custermer

    "I was looking for a custermer, there was fifty people in front of the Yellow Cab office waiting for a cab, the big game was over, but the Yellow Cab dispatcher wouldn't give me any of his custermers.

    "But there was a party of six from the Mirrow News L.A.  One was John Hall boxing sports editor.

    "He said thats Parkey Sharkey, lets take his cab.

    "They did Paul and took me to a bar on Bayshore Highway for a beer and dinner.  John Hall Mirrow News tipped me a dollar plus two beers.

    "You never gave me any money Paul even though we known each other for years, how come Paul?"  (signed)  Parkey Sharkey, Palo Alto.

    --I don't want to cheapen our friendship by making it commercial.