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Dodgers Moving to KFI

November 21, 2009 |  9:00 am


Nov. 21, 1959, KFI 


Nov. 21, 1959

This was a very small story that turned into a big deal.

The Dodgers were moving on the radio from KMPC to KFI for the 1960 season. The significance? Gene Autry's company owned KMPC and when the Dodgers left, he looked for something to fill in the large gaps (and hopefully big ratings).

When the American League decided to expand beginning in 1961, KMPC wanted the rights to broadcast the new team that would play in Los Angeles.

Of course, Autry got a lot more than that, becoming the owner of the Los Angeles Angels.

So would the Angels not have been born had the Dodgers stayed on KMPC?

--Keith Thursby