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House Committee to Investigate Payola

Nov. 7, 1959, Times Cover

Nov. 7, 1959: A U.N. group finds no proof that Laos had been invaded by communist troops from North Viet-Nam but discovers that Laotian rebels were supplied by Viet-Nam Reds. You may hear more about Viet-Nam in the days ahead -- much more.

Nov. 7, 1959, Payola
A House committee investigating rigged TV quiz shows turns its attention to payola. Here's a clip from a wonderful satire by Stan Freberg (with Jesse White). Stan Freberg, Payola Blues

Nov. 7, 1959, Richard Nixon 

Nov. 7, 1959, Richard Nixon

Students swarm Vice President Richard Nixon during an appearance at Los Angeles City College, The Times says.

Nov. 7, 1959, Drowning

A little more than a week later, Vincent Stones' father, Kenneth, was killed in a car accident. In March 1960, Joanne Elizabeth Selby was found not guilty by reason of insanity in the drowning of her nephew.

Nov. 7, 1959, Night Girls

Girls go bad in two foreign films, "Night Girls" and "Flesh and the Woman."

Nov. 7, 1959, Ferd'nand

Carving a turkey is more difficult than it looks for Ferd'nand.

Nov. 7, 1959, Sports

"Powell 47-Sec. Kayo Victim" and "Indians 4-Point Pick to Scalp Bruins Today." Now there's two headlines you won't see anymore ... and "Cuppers?"
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