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Cooking With the Junior League, Pasadena

November 4, 2009 |  6:00 pm

“It is a very special day in a young woman’s life when she makes her first ice box cake.  And as with the leg of lamb, I regret that they have declined in popularity, because it was delicious.” 
This week in Cooking With the Junior League, Mary McCoy visits the cuisine of Pasadena. She writes:

The Junior League of Pasadena’s classic Pasadena Prefers (1964) is another of those time capsule cookbooks that perfectly capture the home cooking of a particular time, place, and people.  Here, it’s affluent suburban housewives in southern California in the 1960s, the kind of women who might be called upon to wrangle a hoard of hungry small children, whip up a weeknight supper for the family, or pull off some gracious, elegant entertaining at a moment’s notice, and make it look effortless.