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Carl Reiner Explains All About Klutzery

November 14, 2009 |  8:00 am

Nov. 14, 1959, Carl Reiner

Nov. 14, 1959, 31 Flavors

Nov. 14, 1959, Sports  

Braven Dyer writes about the death of W.L. "Pop" Guthrie, a Warner Bros. location manager and USC fan who had adopted the football team in 1926 and had been sitting on the Trojan bench for many years. Guthrie had a fatal heart attack at his desk at the studio, The Times said. He was 77.

Nov. 14, 1959: Carl Reiner calls himself a “wractor,” a “writing actor” … And mince pie ice cream. I don’t think Baskin-Robbins has had it in a while.