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‘Ben-Hur’ Premieres in Benefit for USC

November 25, 2009 |  8:00 am
Nov. 25, 1959, Times Cover

Nov. 25, 1959: Los Angeles' population reaches 2.4 million.
Nov. 25, 1959, Adopted

Parents pose with newly adopted children in a program of the Adoption Institute.

Nov. 25, 1959, Adopted
Nov. 25, 1959, Adopted

Nov. 25, 1959, Ben-Hur
“Ben-Hur” premieres as a benefit for USC.

Nov. 25, 1959, Ben-Hur

Gore Vidal worked on the script for “Ben-Hur?”

Nov. 25, 1959, Ben-Hur

William Wyler, "whose extremes are as often matched by subtleties, has more nearly bridged the centuries between Christ's and ours than any other moviemaker. 'You are there,' " The Times' Philip K. Scheuer says.

Nov. 25, 1959, Sports  
Hey, Keith! Is this the “Home Run Derby” with Mickey Mantle and Willie Mays?