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A Kinder, Simpler Time Dept.: Your Movie Columnist

Nov. 28, 1965, Debbie Reynolds 
Debbie Reynolds – still too busy for bitterness!
Nov. 28, 1965: "You make mistakes in your personal life and you profit by them and you make mistakes in your career. Sometimes advisors counsel you incorrectly, get you into a wrong contract and you end up being used. It's difficult to evaluate things when you're young. I feel if the handling of my career had been disastrous I wouldn't be around. I've had only one agency over all the years; they've made mistakes, so have I."

Note: Hedda Hopper died Feb. 1, 1966, (the next day’s editions of The Times carried obituaries on her and Buster Keaton), so I’ll fill out the month with a few earlier columns. What’s your opinion, Daily Mirror readers? Should Hopper’s column become a regular feature?
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>>What’s your opinion, Daily Mirror readers? Should Hopper’s column become a regular feature?<<

Yes, but maybe semi-regularly.


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