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A Kinder, Simpler Time Dept.: Your Movie Columnist

Nov. 25, 1962, Hedda Hopper 
Nov. 25, 1962: "At Actors Studio, Julie [Newmar] says she used to watch Marilyn Monroe. 'She attended spasmodically and there was no particular fuss made over her -- she was just another member of the class. But for two years I knew she was destined for a tragic end. She had no security and couldn't relate to other people. You'd say hello to her and it was a tremendous effort for her to reply. She'd come into class an hour and a half late, wearing a black mink coat, a transparent blouse and plaid slacks. And her hair would be uncombed. She'd put on her glasses and sit there and she'd be so hesitant in answering. Six months ago I noticed a deterioration in this hesitancy and when I heard she was constantly absent I knew it was a downslide for her. The higher you climb on the mountain of success the colder it becomes; a weak person can't hold on." 

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A perceptive, thoughtful interview with Julie Newmar, who had a fine career but might have been an even bigger star if Hollywood had recognized her humor and intelligence as much as her undeniable physical attributes.

I've met Julie; she's a splendid, classy lady, and has a fine Web site,


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