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1 Passenger Survives Plane Crash

November 2, 2009 |  8:00 am
Nov. 2, 1959, Cover  
Nov. 2, 1959: Notice the cover story by the late Ruben Salazar.

Nov. 2, 1959, Nancy
Women simply can’t do anything, can they?

Nov. 2, 1959, Mexico

"In Los Angeles County are 600,000 Mexicans. Of this number 100,000 retain their Mexican citizenship. The rest have become U.S. citizens." You might expect this story to be patronizing, but it isn't. In fact, reporter Cordell Hicks makes an effort to show that many Mexican Americans are either assimilated or comfortable with dual cultures.

Nov. 2, 1959, Dondi 
Dondi shows how to negotiate with the opposite sex.
Nov. 2, 1959, Mexicans

"Where do these Mexican-Californians live here? Work, shop, find recreation, go to church?
The answer -- everywhere.

"A great number of families live in East Los Angeles -- and there are families in Windsor Square and Hancock Park. Sundays find them at the historic Old Plaza Church, the area where Los Angeles was founded by Sonorans from San Gabriel -- and they are to be found at St. Brendan's.

"They line up for menudo at La Esperanza on N. Main St. on weekends -- and you find them at the Los Angeles Countyr Club for a late breakfast Sundays...."

Nov. 2, 1959, Comics
Nov. 2, 1959, Beloved Infiden
Beloved Infidel” is opening at Grauman’s Chinese. Oh look, it has the average six stars on imdb. And no, “Beloved Infidel” isn’t on Netflix.
Nov. 2, 1959, Sports
Sports Editor Paul Zimmerman says the NCAA is worthless.