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Writers Guild Strikes Over TV Residuals

October 13, 2009 |  8:00 am
Oct. 13, 1959, Cartoon  

So here’s how Times cartoonist Bruce Russell shows that an eagle represents Mexico. He gives it a cute little sombrero.

Oct. 13, 1959, Writers Guild

The Writers Guild goes on strike over residuals on TV broadcasts of films released after 1948.

Oct. 13, 1959, Columbus Day

The Knights of Columbus celebrate their namesake in a service at St. Vibiana’s.

Oct. 13, 1959, Pillow Talk

Rock Hudson “carefree bachelor” in “Pillow Talk.”

Oct. 13, 1959, Jerry Lewis

Jerry Lewis in blackface in “The Jazz Singer?” I’m afraid so.  No, it’s not on Netflix. I think I'll be watching "The Rifleman" or Ella Fitzgerald on the Garry Moore show.

Oct. 13, 1959, Orphan Annie

Superstitious natives in “Orphan Annie.”

Oct. 13, 1959, Baseball

Some people just don’t like baseball. I wonder what she would think of ESPN.

Oct. 13, 1959, Sports

Walter Alston is named manager of the year. Trivia note: Alston struck out in his only major league appearance at the plate.