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White Sox Joke About Coliseum Screen

October 4, 2009 |  8:00 am
Oct. 4, 1959, White Sox
Oct 4, 1959: The screen.

Oct. 4, 1959, Sports The White Sox got their first real look at the Coliseum and were less than impressed. Puzzled might be a better description.

"I wonder how a fellow ever gets the side out. I guess you gotta be a positive thinker," said Dick Donovan, Chicago's starting pitcher for Game 3.

The Coliseum's short left-field porch and high screen got most of the attention.

"Where does the left fielder stand?" said shortstop Luis Aparicio. When someone pointed out how close the left fielder would be to Aparicio's spot, he added: "It looks like I'm not going to have do to any work tomorrow."

Manager Al Lopez noted that the short left field didn't look much different than Boston's Fenway Park. Lot fewer seats in Fenway, of course.

The Times' Al Wolf wrote a story about how much memorable baseball L.A. fans watched during the 1959 season, from an all-star game to the emotional benefit for Roy Campanella to playoffs and World Series games. "It's highly improbable that one city ever again will host 'the works' in a single season," wrote Wolf in that gushing Chamber of Commerce style the sports section seemed to prefer in those days. "Wotta menu! And how the customers ate it up!"

--Keith Thursby