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Sox, Dodgers Ready for World Series

October 1, 2009 |  6:00 am

Oct. 1, 1959, Cover

Oct. 1, 1959: Dodgers vs. Sox in Chicago.

It was banner news in the Mirror-News but merited only a couple paragraphs in The Times.

Depending on which newspaper you chose to believe, 1,500 angry Dodger fans stormed the Coliseum in a ticket mixup ... or several people "turned unruly and hauled down signs from the windows."

The Mirror-News had the story on Page 1 on Sept. 30, with The Times catching up in a story about the fans preparing for the World Series. You had to read deep into the story to find out about the ticket troubles.

What else was in The Times?

Readers learned the sad tale of a Dodger fan waiting in line for tickets and hoping he'll survive his brain tumor long enough to watch his favorite team.

Hollywood Park delayed its opener until Oct. 7, hoping the series would be over by then.

Sports columnist Braven Dyer was still mad that the playoff games against the Braves had been played during the day: "This town won't go for most afternoon sports except on Sunday but there still are a lot of dumb people who don't realize it."

Roger Craig will start for the Dodgers against Early Wynn for the White Sox.

--Keith Thursby