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Our Troubled Constitution

Oct. 10, 1909, Women  

How about women? Aren’t they citizens? Then why can’t they vote?

Oct. 10, 1909, Constitution
Oct. 10, 1909: The great state of California, the most rapidly growing and one of the largest commonwealths of the nation, is struggling along under a Constitution that was framed to suit conditions that existed in the early days of gold hunting, before agriculture and horticulture had become important factors in its development, and long before manufactures and shipping and railroad transportation had developed to any appreciable extent. From time to time this important instrument has been patched, through amendments adopted by the people without any consideration for their effect on the original Constitution, until now it is an amazing collection of contradictory sections and provisions, which, according to the whim of any lawyer who may attack them, may be construed by the courts in half a dozen different ways. T.S. Knoles, a Los Angeles lawyer, after a careful study of the Constitution, points out many of its defects in the following article.

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