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Movie Star Bonus Mystery Photo

Oct. 25, 2009, Mystery Photo
Photograph by Ray Graham / Los Angeles Times
Here’s a little bonus: A certain film star’s funeral. See if you can identify the (not very) mysterious pallbearers.

Update: As most people realized, this is Errol Flynn's funeral. Curiously enough, although the papers reported that Jack Oakie was unable to get into the service because of tight security, he's in this picture. Also shown, from left: Mickey Rooney, Raoul Walsh, Guinn Williams and Otto Reichow. The other folks are unidentified.

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Comments (9)

jack oakie mickey rooney raoul walsh

Errol Flynn (center) w/ Mickey Rooney, Jack Oakie, Raoul Walsh, Guinn "Big Boy" Williams, Otto Reichow

Looks like Jack Oakie in front with the bow tie, Raoul Walsh in the back with the eye patch and Mickey Rooney in the back with the glasses.

Judy Garland?

Definitely Jack Oakie, Raoul Walsh, and Mickey Rooney.

These are pallbearers at Errol Flynn's funeral. Guinn "Big Boy Williams" is large man near the front. Paul Henreid could be on the opposite side. Is Mike Romanoff just out of frame at the back left?

Well this is Errol Flynn in the box with some of his old chums at the handles, Jack Oakie, Mickey Rooney, Raoul Walsh, Guinn 'Big Boy' Williams here in the foreground and maybe Victor Fleming across from him. In the far background I see Johnny Weismuller in a pair of Wayfarers and maybe Arthur Miller looking on.

In those days, Michael Romanoff was sure to be seen (and photographed) everywhere. He often showed up at funerals to be shot with the rich and famous deceased.

Romanoff was one of the first of a now too familiar cortege, those famous for being famous.

That's his son Sean in front (back to camera)


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