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Matt Weinstock, Oct. 29, 1959

October 29, 2009 |  4:00 pm


    Oct. 29, 1959, Pogo

No Boredom Today

Matt Weinstock     The girls in classified are a little dewy-eyed today over a Public Announcement ad.  It states simply, "Happy birthday, pretty Beverly."  But there's more to it than that.
Beverly, whoever she is, frequently remarks that nothing exciting ever happens to her.  An admirer, the man who phoned in the ad, confided to the classified ladies that he has arranged a day-long antidote for her boredom.

    "When Beverly awakened this morning she was scheduled to be served a champagne breakfast with rosebud in vase.  Her roommate, who arises at 6 a.m., was in on the plot with her admirer.

    When Beverly arrived at work she was confronted, according to schedule, by a 15-foot birthday card and a dozen roses. 

    For dinner, the beast steak in town, with champagne.  Afterwards, the final surprise -- a party attended by 20 friends.

    The girls in classified somehow got the idea he likes her.


the Pledge of Allegiance and the Star-Spangled Banner, the other day, Ernest Lightner's 5th grade class at Menlo Ave. School broke into "Rock-a-Bye Baby."  His wife had just given birth to their first child . . . Item in the Belmont High Sentinel:  "Many students have asked what has happened to the Hi-Fi Club.  The answer is that the club has disbanded because of hi HI-Fi equipment.  A former student supplied the club with it before" . . . And a teenager named Jane, one of the brainwashed generation, particularly by TV commercials, rushed home after a dental check at school and exclaimed, "Look pa, TWO cavities!"


Considering the ants that
    one has to pay
To win in life's game of
    draw poker.
Blessed is he who can
    truthfully say,
"I'm content to be just
            ED LYTLE


fluttered up to a counter in a downtown store and asked of no one in particular.  "Where can I get a glamorous gift for an 8-year-old?"

    The saleslady was busy writing a charge slip so a customer asked helpfully, "Boy or girl?"
"Girl," was the reply.

    The customer, obviously a gal with a fiendish pixie streak, said, "How about an 8-year-old boy?"

    Dudgeon showing, the matron fluttered off.

    Halloween clearly is closing in on all of us.


   THEN THERE was Leo Walker's weird exchange at International Airport.  He went up to an airline counter and said, "I understand my flight, Number 615, will be delayed."

    The man said, "That's right.  It's an hour late in arriving from the north."

    Leo, who likes to know where his next meal is coming from, asked, "Does that mean lunch will or will not be served on board?"

    The man said evenly, "Depends on whether you're going out on it or coming in on it."

    Maybe Halloween isn't to blame.  Maybe it's what the Russians did to the moon.


Visitors to the exhibit, Old Favorites Revisited, which will run through Nov.8 at Barnsdall Park, are asked to vote on their preferences.  In top spot there is a pastoral scene, "Sunrise on the Meadow" by August Bonheur.  Second is "The Cardinal's Portrait" by Toby Edward Rosenthal.  Paul Chaba's September Morn," which created a scandal many years ago, is a weak 5th . . . Joe Weston's cat with the provocative name Farkleberry celebrated its 8th birthday (equivalent to age 56 among humans) by chasing Sam, a neighbor's Kerry  blue terrier, all the way home . . . Cigarette counter clerks and market checkers are going nuts, trying to find room for all the new brands . . . You know the expression, "This is the day I should have stood in bed?"  A variation is making the rounds:  "What can you expect of a day on which you had to get up?"