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Matt Weinstock, Oct. 21, 1959

October 21, 2009 |  4:00 pm


Above and Beyond

 Matt Weinstock
    For sacrifice above and beyond the call of duty, a colleague asks a typographical paean for Jerry Leshay, associate director of the George Gobel TV program.  An associate director's job is to make the show go.  Working from a booth, he co-ordinates all the action.  He signals performers to cut or stretch.  He cues the orchestra.  He alerts those who go on next.  He cuts in the commercials.  Everything is timed to the second.  Above all else, the show must end on time. 

    Last week, as the program finished on a high happy note -- Gobel was in fine form -- and the credits were being run off, Jerry saw he was a few seconds over.  Here was a crisis.  Credits may be a bore to watchers but they're the lifeblood of a TV staff.

    With calm martyrdom Jerry, low - that is, last -- man on the totem pole, pulled the switch on his own credit.
    THE MATTER OF COMMUNICATION gets high priority these days.  In order to understand the Russians, for example, we are reminded constantly that we must first communicate with them.  Well and good.  But apparently we also have certain problems of communication at home.
While in Atlanta recently a local lady named Esther came upon a delightful exchange.  A priest, transplanted from New York, informed the rectory housekeeper that he and another priest would be gone for a few days.

    "Oh, y'all gonna be gone?" she asked. 

    "No, not all of us," he replied, "just two of us."

    "I don't mean all y'all," she said in exasperation, "I just mean some y'all."
Oct. 21, 1959, Watts NEEDLED
No, I didn't sew this gown.
And further I confess
Until you asked that
I'd rather liked this dress.
     THE PAPERS had a  story a few days ago about the Sierra Madre gendarmes breaking up a wild beatnik party attended by bearded youths and black stockinged girls; and arresting two young men for intoxication.
Not quite so, says a young man who was there.  It was a beatnik-theme costume party, attended by Pasadena City College drama students, little theater actors, insurance salesmen, lawyers and a photo lithographer.  Two uninvited guests drank too much, this informant says, were tossed out, and blew the whistle on the group as a bunch of beatniks.

    It's getting so an innocent bystander can't tell the beatniks from the neatniks.
    WHEN THE brush fire in Angeles National Forest broke out and for a time threatened foothill homes, a young man in Van Nuys phoned his aunt, who lives in Altadena, to find out if she were in danger.  She wasn't.  The fire had headed toward her home for a brief period, then turned north in the nick of time.

    They began checking regularly, and their calls took on a pattern.  As they chatted, the nephew would report the PBY was taking off again from the airport near his home and pretty soon the aunt would report it had just come over and dropped its load of borate solution on the fire.

    "Just keep that stuff coming and we'll be all right," she would say.

    They never felt closer.
    AROUND TOWN -- It's a big year for Fairfax High, except maybe in football.  No. 1 grad of course is Larry Sherry, World Series hero.  Close behind is Daniel Pollack, 24, who placed eighth in the 1958 Tchaikovsky competition in Moscow won by Van Cliburn.  Pollack, born in L.A., at last is getting recognition in his home town.  He'll appear in a concert tomorrow at Wilshire Ebell . . .