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Matt Weinstock, Oct. 20, 1959

October 20, 2009 |  4:00 pm


Oct. 20, 1959, Fords

Memorable Speech

 Matt Weinstock
    Almost a week later, those who heard it are still tingling over H.C.(Chad) McClellan's talk before the Rotary Club.

    McClellan, 62, L.A. paint company executive and onetime NAM president, organized and managed the U.S. exhibit in Moscow, which 2,700,000 Russians visited in its six-week run last summer.

    He represents capitalism, a hate word in Russia.  Yet in his five months there he earned the respect of the Russians by his blunt sincerity.  He spoke the same way to the Rotarians.

    "We've spent nearly a trillion dollars in my lifetime fighting wars," he said.  "Sure, we've safeguarded our country, but we've lost 1,500,000 casualties.  And after every war we've merely switched partners and gone into the dance again, with a greater threat to our nation and at
higher cost."

    Now, he went on, we're confronted with the possibility of a war of extermination.

    "YOU'RE NEVER going to solve this one," he said, "with a chip on your shoulder or hatred in your heart." 

Oct. 20, 1959, Alamo      He continued, "People think Communists are dastardly villains because of their acceptance of a concept with which we disagree.  I met dozens of young Communists -- the freshest looking, nicest kids you ever saw.  They're simply misguided, misled, misinformed -- not evil.  Sure, there are bad men at the top.  We get bad men at the top of some of our organizations here."

    His plea:  "You don't shove people, you communicate with them."

    From a man like McClellan these seem words to remember.
    CARL WINFIELD of Whittier prizes a trophy he win in a bowling tournament as  a classic example of the literal mind at work.  When presented, it had a tag on it requesting him to denote how he wanted his name engraved.  He wrote that he'd like it in block capitals.  And that's the way the inscription reads, "Carl Winfield In Block Capitals."
Seventy-two commercials
Screamed with evict and
elation -
That, my lords and ladies,
Is "station identification."
    OOPS, a story in a Montebello paper stated that a clergyman would give a sermon on "The Meaning of Immorality."  On the other hand, maybe that's what he meant, not immorality . . . On a higher education note, a calendar of future events for an SC organization lists a "beer burst" for May.  For those who barely finished high school, it's still "beer bust."
    IN ANNOUNCING his transfer from the L.A. to the S.F. office of the Western Beet Sugar Producers, Lee Goodman sent out a press release stating, "Prior to getting into public relations, Goodman was one of the more distinguished reporters at the Los Angeles Daily News in that he owned and often wore a tie.  In his youth he attracted considerable attention as perhaps the most unbearably enthusiastic member of the Emerson School of Self Expression Bugle and Drum Corps."

    And man, did he look funny, wearing that tie, and no shirt.
    ONLY IN L.A. -- Sunday night a stern old gent, with his stern old spouse beside him, was driving an old Cad on Hollywood Freeway.  On the back was a big sign, "Vote for MacArthur for President."  Adds Bill Peters who saw it, "There was a full moon."
    MISCELLANY -- A man on the phone said he keeps dreaming that when he inhales a cigarette, smoke comes out of his ears and he wakes up coughing.  Told him this corner's dream interpretation service has broken down and advised him to try some place else.  Suspect a fun-loving friend of a friend . . . House to house magazine subscription solicitors, some of them trained, out-of-state boys and girls using a sob story, are swarming here, the California Intelligence Bureau warns . . . An old car parked beside a beach house Sunday at Malibu had painted on the rear, "Tourist Go Home."  An expert in these matters thinks it was also directed at dropper-inners.