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A Postscript on the Black Sox

October 15, 2009 |  4:00 am

Aug. 13, 1969, Black Sox  
Aug. 13-14, 1969, catching up with the Black Sox.

Aug. 13, 1969, Black Sox

Aug. 14, 1969, Black Sox

Aug. 14, 1969, an interview with Gandil.

Aug. 14, 1969, Black Sox

"Chick Gandil was as tough as they come. He was 31 years old and stood 6 feet, 2 inches tall; a broad, powerful 197 pounds. This was his 14th year in baseball. He had started at the age of 17 after running away from home in St. Paul. He had hopped a freight bound for Amarillo, Texas, where he'd heard he could get a job playing semipro baseball.

"Later, he caught on with an outlaw team in Cananea Mexico, just across the Arizona border. Cananea was a wide-open mining town ... Gandil not only played ball he became a heavyweight fighter, taking in $150 a fight, far more than he had ever seen before. In the off-season, he worked as a boilermaker in the local copper mines."

""I never confessed," Gandil said. "And five of the eight who were accused of throwing the series didn't. My hits won two of the games. If I'd been trying to throw the series would I have tried to win the games?"