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Seeking Remedies for Anti-Drug Law

September 6, 2009 |  4:00 am

Sept. 6, 1919, Comics

Sept. 6, 1919: Looking for a way to save money on clothes in Bud Fisher's "Mutt and Jeff."

Sept. 6, 1919, Addicts
Doctors, druggists and a revenue agent seek ways for patients who legitimately need narcotics to  get them after passage of the Harrison Anti-Narcotic Act.

"The Harrison Anti-Narcotic law now does not provide for the treatment of those who have contracted the habit through illness. If opium was taken away from everyone tonight, it would mean that before morning scores of pharmacies would be broken into and thousands of dollars' worth of drugs stolen, for a drug addict will take hazardous chances to obtain the opiate he desires," Dr. John V. Barlow says.

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