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Larry Gelbart's 1951 'My L.A.' Found

September 15, 2009 |  2:00 am

My L.A.
Nov. 25, 1951: Rehearsals of "My L.A.," sketches inspired by Matt Weinstock's book, with a script by Larry Gelbart, Laurence Marks and Bill Manhoff.

You may recall this photo from the posts I did about the death of Larry Gelbart. "My L.A." was a 1951 show that closed after four performances. The Times wrote several features about the production  and Albert Goldberg, the paper's classical music critic, gave it a lousy review. The show was evidently a series of loosely connected skits about Pershing Square, Olvera Street, Main Street saloons, etc. All the things I write about here!

Gloria Pall, one of the cast members, says: "Hi, I go back to 1952 with Larry Gelbart. He was a comedy writer for a musical show called "My LA." we were in our early 20's and he was so boyish looking he looked like he would prefer a lollipop instead of a pen. The lyrics and comedy was outstanding and I did blackouts with Ida Lupino's sister Rita and other members of the cast. Rita was a fabulous flamenco dancer with a heavy English accent and a lovely disposition. The show folded quickly because of money matters..Larry was one of he top writers."

The good news in all of this is that Gelbart evidently saved the script or at least pieces of it. Because in Box 143, Folder 6, of his papers at UCLA are about 200 pages -- script and lyrics -- of "My L.A." Anybody feel like renting a barn and putting on a show? I would pay to see it -- even if it was just an informal reading. C'mon folks, it's a Larry Gelbart script that hasn't been seen in nearly 60 years!