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Khrushchev -- Postscript

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Nikita Khrushchev's memoirs include an interesting anecdote about his stop at San Luis Obispo on the trip to San Francisco. While mingling with people at the train station, he lost a gold medal of Lenin presented by the Society for Peaceful Coexistence.

Back on the train, Henry Cabot Lodge handed Khrushchev the medal, which had been returned by a man in the crowd.

"A feeling of respect for this unknown person welled up in me. After all, someone else might have just kept what they found as a souvenir or have been tempted to hold on to this treasure because the medal was made of gold," Khrushchev says.

David Middlecamp of the San Luis Obispo Tribune has more about Khrushchev's visit.
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San Luis Obispo was the first place where Khrushchev had a chance to rub shoulders with the average citizen. It was a very different time.
Thanks for the link, I have returned the favor.


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