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Ike Rides Wave of Popularity; Dodgers Call Up Reinforcements

September 2, 2009 |  8:00 am
Sept. 2, 1959, Cover

Sept. 2, 1959: A story about President Eisenhower's European trip marking the 20th anniversary of Hitler's invasion of Poland notes that he remains popular. But look at what's happening in the country as Ike prepares to leave office: The prime rises half a point to 5%, the highest rate in 28 years (1931) ... and a deficit, though small, is forecast for the national budget.

Sept. 2, 1959, Chavez Ravine
The Times spent a lot of space covering the sentencing of two women convicted on misdemeanor charges stemming from the eviction of Chavez Ravine residents to clear way for the Dodgers' new ballpark.

Here's my problem with that.

This is a story The Times covered (I believe) only because it became a huge television story. You couldn't ignore the pictures.

Covering the judge's lecture was an obvious way to paint two Chavez Ravine residents as villains in the drama. This from a paper that had spent years ignoring the Chavez Ravine neighborhood and its residents while taking every opportunity to push reasons why a ballpark should be built

Makes me wonder how many other misdemeanor cases were covered so thoroughly. I think I know the answer.

-- Keith Thursby

Sept. 2, 1959, North by Northwest

Should I see "North by Northwest" at the Picwood or the Panorama in Van Nuys? Never mind, let's go see Robert Mitchum and Linda Darnell in "Second Chance."

It's interesting to note that the original display ads featured Cary Grant and the crop duster, one of the classic sequences in film.

Sept. 2, 1959, Laos
Meet Ho Chi Minh, communist leader of North Viet-Nam. You'll be hearing more about him.

Sept. 2, 1959, Prime

Sept. 2, 1959, National Debt

Troubling economic news -- and wedding bells for Ernest Borgnine and Katy Jurado.

Sept. 2, 1959, Ben Blue

Isn't Mr. Pilsnerhead great? I particularly like the little bow tie.

Sept. 2, 1959, Gun Control

The Gallup Poll surveys America's attitudes on gun control. Remember that this is before the assassinations of John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy and the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., and the resulting Gun Control Act, which took effect in December 1968. Note the attitudes toward gun ownership in the South compared with the rest of the country.

Sept. 2, 1959, Khrushchev

Rep. Williams, a Mississippi Democrat, takes a stand against Khrushchev's visit.

Sept. 2, 1959, Beatniks

The jukebox and bongo drums at the Gas House in Venice aren't culture!

Sept. 2, 1959, Comics

"She Will! You Can Be Sure of That!"

Sept. 2, 1959, Sports

The Dodgers called up some minor league reinforcements who turned out to have staying power.

Frank Howard, Norm Sherry and Bob Lillis were among the September call-ups. The Times' Frank Finch reported that team officials also were considering elevating Tommy Davis, who was leading the Pacific Coast League in hitting.

Now that's some farm system.

-- Keith Thursby