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President Backs U.S. Coal Over Foreign Oil; KTLA Cuts Commercials


Aug. 1, 1979: Gas rationing ... the energy crisis ... and SALT II. "I would rather burn a ton of Kentucky coal than see our nation become dependent by buying another barrel of OPEC oil," President Carter says.

Aug. 1, 1979, TV

Don Galloway hosts "The Guinness Game," a syndicated show about attempts to make or break world records.
Fewer commercials? Were they nuts?

Don Page's column headlined the news that Channel 5 would cut back commercials during their prime time movies by 25%. And most movies would run full length.

In other news about Channel 5, which like The Times is now owned by the Tribune Co., "Kung Fu" and "The Dick Van Dyke Show" were dropped from the fall schedule. --Keith Thursby

Aug. 1, 1979, Amityville

"The Amityville Horror!"

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