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Hawaii Becomes 50th State; Redskins Beat Rams

August 22, 2009 |  6:00 am

Aug. 22, 1959, Cover

Aug. 22, 1959: The Redskins beat the Rams in The Times annual charity game ,,, Sir Thomas Beecham, 80, marries his 27-year-old secretary ... and Hawaii officially becomes the 50th state. The House Un-American Activities Committee cancels hearings on communist influences in California's schools. Teachers subpoenaed by the committee will instead be interrogated by their local school boards.  

Aug. 22, 1959, Gun Ad

Our favorite Pasadena gun store has a sale on Webley .38s and riffs on Nikita Khrushchev's upcoming visit.
Aug. 22, 1959, Hawaii

Hawaii becomes the 50th state and Bruce Russell provides one of his cryptic editorial cartoons: The American eagle wearing a monocle that says: "Hawaii." Presumably Mr. H-Bomb, the Dove of Peace. Uncle Sam, the Russian Bear, the Taxpayer and other stock editorial cartoon characters had the day off.

Aug. 22, 1959, Stephen Nash

Stephen Nash, one of the most despised men on death row, is executed in the gas chamber. Seeing prosecutor J. Miller Leavy among the witnesses, Nash winks as he's being strapped into the death chair.  

Nash, who killed 11 people, gazes at Leavy and  says: "Unfortunately, I've never been able to live like a man. However, I expect to die like a man."


Aug. 22, 1959, Hedda Hopper

Hey, look! It's Si Zentner!
Aug. 22, 1959, Nancy Valentine

Above, Nancy Valentine relaxes after the stress of making Jack Webb's "-30-" by doing yoga at the Self-Realization Fellowship center in Encinitas. According to The Times, she spent three years at the fellowship's Mt. Washington center before deciding to return to the outside world.

At left, an increasingly irrelevant Hedda Hopper (d. 1966) says good Americans will boycott Charlie Chaplin's films and blathers about "the good old days" she witnessed at the Garden of Allah, which is to be torn down. I recently saw her in "Midnight" and she was dreadful.

Aug. 22, 1959, Christ in Bronze

Philip K. Scheuer reviews "Christ in Bronze," a Japanese film about the persecution of Christian missionaries. Scheuer makes the film sound interesting, but alas, it's not on Netflix.

Aug. 22, 1959, Nancy

Nancy is a resourceful young lady!

Aug. 22, 1959, Sports

The Giants beat Philadelphia, putting them 2 1/2 games ahead of the Dodgers in the pennant race.