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Coming Attractions -- Mexican Science Fiction Films

Ana Bertha Lepe Regular Daily Mirror reader Mary Mallory notes that former Mystery Movie Star Ana Bertha Lepe, left, will be featured in "La Nave de los Monstruos" ("The Monsters' Ship") at 7:30 p.m. on Friday at the Hammer Museum.

The plot summary: "The last man on Venus has died. Beta and Gamma, two Venusian women, have been sent on an intergalactic mission to collect bizarre male specimens from throughout space. And a monstrous collection they are too, all scales and fangs and exposed brains."

Co-hit: "Santo vs. the Martian Invasion." Admission is free.


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Arrrrriva! Haven't seen this film, but will see if I can find it here in San Antonio, Texas. Thanks for sharing this information.


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