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By Budd Schulberg

Feb. 17, 1952, Budd Schulberg

By Budd Schulberg, Feb. 17, 1952: "You know how married couples get after a while if they're not careful....."
Feb. 17, 1952, Budd Schulberg

When they all dined out together it was traditional to separate wives and husbands, but in the case of the Springers this courtesy had to be jettisoned.

 "What God has brought together let no dinner party split asunder," Jack had laughed and squeezed Charlene's hand.
Feb. 17, 1952, Budd Schulberg

As she turned from the phone, she noticed on the end table the book on "Marriage: Life Sentence or Prolonged Love Affair?" that Charlene had forgotten.

"Of all the nonsense," she thought, and suddenly she was profoundly, explosively happy. "Of all the naive, immature nonsense."

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"Jack Springer was George's college roommate and their best man, a gay boy and perennial bachelor."

Love it. Budd Schulberg winking at his sophisticated readers. And look at that campy illustration on the second page. Poor George, burdened by the affections of his gorgeous wife. I sure wouldn't be bored by her after 10 years!

"The trouble with Hollywood is that too many people who won't leave are ashamed to be there. But when a moving picture is right, it socks the eye and the ear and the solar plexus all at once and that is a hell of a temptation for any writer. I felt that when I went back for the fourth time to see The Informer...And even when I saw one of my own jobs, a stinker if there ever was one, but with one scene in it that sang because I happened onto real picture technique...Hollywood may be full of phonies, mediocrities, dictators and good men who have lost their way, but there is something that draws you there that you should not be ashamed of."

That quote from WHAT MAKES SAMMY RUN has been above my many desks for over 25 years.


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