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A Fallen Woman's Death Ride

August 23, 2009 |  2:00 am

Aug. 23, 1889, Sewer Map

Aug. 23, 1889: I always enjoy looking at old maps of Los Angeles. This one shows a proposed sewer system. Much of the lettering is upside-down, but flipping the map 180 degrees makes it  even more confusing. Many of the street names are different than what we know now. Note, for example Michel Torrance St., which I suspect became Rampart, although ProQuest doesn't shed light on the question.  


Aug. 23, 1889, Sewer Map

Aug. 23, 1889, Fallen Woman

The name of the woman in the above story is a little hard to make out. I believe it's Kitty Harris. I can't find anything further about her in ProQuest, so I don't know what became of her and her sister.