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Police Botch Raid on Club

July 19, 1899, Raid

July 19, 1899: Police testified about a raid on the Republican Club, run by African Americans, but although they described debauchery, they couldn't cite specific instances. They just said it was a bad place: "Officers who testified were woefully lacking in specific information as to the nature of the orgies that made the place notorious ...  Men and women, white and black, had been drinking and dancing there and having a good time generally prior to the police raid."

"Mrs.Sibyl Slone of Pasadena is in deep distress over the wayward actions of her sister, Inola Reed, 17 years.... Last week Mrs. Slone called on Chief of Police Glass and stated that Inola had been sustaining improper relations with a tailor named Cohen."

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Re the "Colored Dive Case." Now you know the cops just knowed that those folks were "a'he'n-and-a'she'n" behind those closed doors.


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