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Paul V. Coates -- Confidential File, July 4, 1959

July 4, 2009 |  2:00 pm

July 4, 1959, Peanuts

Confidential File

Mash Notes and Comments

Paul Coates"to Coats,

"Memphis Ward says I should write you again and let bygons be bygons. Well, I guess its all water under the bridge, right Paul?

"I had some bad luck two months ago. My car broke down again and I walked the streets for seven weeks. Then the other Sunday my wife took me out. I made up with her again.

"I said to her 'Helen my luck has got to change.' She said let's go to a fortune teller and find out your future. After a couple of beers we seen the fortune teller.

"She said it will be a dollar for a reading. My wife gave her the dollar.

"The fortune teller said if you wants lots of luck you pay me a extra dollar. I said I'll go for that and got my wife to give her another dollar.

"The fortune teller held my hand and said make a wish. I said to myself I hope I get a job and another car.

July 4, 1959, Eleanor Roosevelt "Paul, the fortune teller was right. The next day I got my job back at the Oasis Bar in Menlo Park and I got a car. A '48 De Soto." (signed) Parkey Sharkey, Oasis Bar, Menlo Park.

        --You should have made your wife slip her another buck, Parkey. You might have got a later model.


(Press Release) "England has its Angry Young Men, modern-day Bohemia has its Beat Generation and Frank Sinatra has his ever-swingin' Clan.

"Now emerging as a totally new sociological force in the Far West is a virile group known as HOLLYWOOD'S HEARTY YOUNG MEN.

"These are the outdoor-minded young male actors in Hollywood with plus-positive psyches who prefer action and coconut juice to brooding and alcohol.

july 4, 1959, Green Beans "High lama among HOLLYWOOD'S HEARTY YOUNG MEN is Gardner McKay. Leader McKay is an athletic 27-year-old bachelor who combines his stout-heartedness with a good dose of intellectual curiosity. McKay a muscular (195 lb.) giant (6'5") is the ABC-TV star of James A. Michener's 'Adventures in Paradise,' which debuts in the fall.

"When not acting, HOLLYWOOD'S HEARTY YOUNG MEN can be found sporting it up on the beaches of Malibu, the surf off Baja California, the mountains of the High Sierras or the parks and gyms in Beverly Hills.

"They regularly engage each other in such participation sports as:

"Basketball, baseball, boxing, judo, handball, polo, outrigger racing, surfboarding, snow and water skiing, sportscar racing, skin diving, fishing and hunting.

"McKay is their leader because he's the guy who organizes the teams, calling all available HEARTIES bright and early on Sunday mornings for football or basketball.

"In addition to McKay, HOLLYWOOD'S HEARTY YOUNG MEN include Don Murray, Paul Newman, John Kerr, Robert Loggia, Clint Walker, Hugh O'Brian, Steve McQueen, Ty Hardin, John Gavin, Roger Moore, Van Williams and others.

"With one or another of his Hearty Young pals, McKay races catamarans, skippers schooners for charter and hunts wild boar on Catalina Island. McKay also boxes, wrestles and plays touch football regularly . . . McKay's crowd dons tennis shoes and T-shirts only in the interest of the sport.

"Some of HOLLYWOOD'S HEARTY YOUNG MEN have never seen the inside of a night club." (signed) Publicity Department, ABC-TV, Hollywood.

    --In those sweaty T-shirts, who'd let 'em in?