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Matt Weinstock, July 6, 1959

July 6, 2009 |  4:00 pm

Drama in the Groove

Matt Weinstock Between editions the other day reporters Roy Ringer and Jeff Davis invented a game they call Trite Trite Again. The idea is to recall a key scene or bit of dialogue in a movie or TV drama which tips off the entire plot. Try these:

The spy story in which the sinister foreign smoothie says to the atomic scientist, "Your government is in no position to help you now, Dr. Conrad -- the brief case, please!"

The heroic tale of the U.S. Cavalry in which the handsome lieutenant says, "You'll have to excuse my men, ma'am, they haven't seen a white woman since Ft. Laramie."

The saga of the jungle or prairie in which the assistant scout says, "Sure is quiet out there tonight." And the scout says, "Too quiet."

The saloon scene in which the crooked sheriff says, "Figure on staying in town long, stranger?" The stalwart hero retorts, "Mebbe."


July 6, 1959, Dog AS CIVIC CENTER habitues know, the Stephen M. White statue was moved recently from the Hall of Records to the new Courthouse, a brassie shot away. Now bearded, frock-coated Steve (1853-1901) admonishes traffic with upraised arm at 1st and Hill instead of Temple and Broadway.

The other day Tom Cameron saw a passerby studying the large pedestal base at the Hall of Records on which Steve used to stand and which authorities haven't gotten around to removing. From his furtive look Tom got the impression the man clearly suspected the pigeons had carried off old Steve.


ONLY IN Beverly Hills -- A woman ordering a caviar sandwich in a Beverly Hills delicatessen was overheard telling the waitress, "Be sure it's imported because I don't know the difference!"


Scientists ask, "Can man
    survive on planets
    filled with gas?"
The answer lies before them
    -- in Los Angeles he


FOR THOSE WHO stayed home it was a week for contemplation. And that's what we get from Frank Friedrichsen.

In the front door of his Santa Monica home, about [illegible]2 in. above the floor level, there is a mail slot. Last week the postman slipped through the slot POD Form 1507 with the penciled notation, "Box too low."

Now, if the box has become too low in the years between 1942, when the house was built, and 1959, Frank can only assume that the house is shrinking or mailmen are getting taller or Postmaster General Arthur E. Summerfield is bent on cracking down indiscriminately on whatever displeases him.

July 6, 1959, Best Sellers Suppose, Frank muses, someone should send him an unidentifiable copy of D.H. Lawrence's novel, "Lady Chatterley's Lover," which Summerfield has banned from the mails as obscene. Would the postman stoop low enough to deliver it? Tune in some other weekend for another thrilling chapter in this saga of nonsense.


A MISSING persons report filed at the Norwalk sheriff's station described a vanished and sought person as a "periodical drinker." Of course, some of those luscious ads in the magazines aren't bad, once you put them through the blender.


July 6, 1959, Abby SC'S NEW assistant dean, Dr. William H. McGrath, who competed in the two-man bobsled championships recently at St. Moritz, said, "One can more easily zero in on the problems of everyday living if he sharpens up now and then by riding a cobbled ice-wall at 80 m.p.h. through a forest."

Sounds like more fun than the freeways.


AROUND TOWN -- The sign "Se Habla Espanol" is a familiar one in store windows. Now Leon Levitan reports a similar notice in a house on E. 4th St. -- "Se cuidan ninos." Yep, baby sitting . . . June bugs are appearing for the first time in years, apparently brought out by the hot, dry weather. OK, July bugs, then . . . Harry Tatleman, TV producer, heard a man in the next booth in an all-night coffee shop tell his lady companion, "Look, I hate people who talk when I'm interrupting" . . . Tom Dixon got the letters twisted in a KFAC newscast and APCD came out ACPD. And, you know, it sounds better that way -- Air Control Police Department.