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Matt Weinstock, July 3, 1959

July 3, 2009 |  4:00 pm

July 3, 1959, Bookie

Miracles Do Happen

Matt Weinstock The Bell Gardens High School Boosters Club always will believe in miracles.

Last April, during the club's campaign to raise money to buy uniforms for the high school band, some anonymous person contributed $5 stipulating it be used to buy a ticket on a Cadillac being raffled by a Huntington Park youth group.

To the Boosters, a dedicated parents organization scraping for every dime, it looked like $5 down the drain. But Louis Godfirnow, club president, dutifully bought the ticket.

Last Sunday, guess what? Yep, the Boosters got the boost they needed. And not having any pressing desire for a new Cadillac they turned it in to a dealer for $4,000 cash, thereby avoiding payment of taxes and fees. And not only will Alex Forbes, director, have bright new uniforms for his musicians butscholarships will be set up with any money that is left over.


July 3, 1959, Ho Chi Minh SPEAKING OF campaigns, an Altadena woman active in community service has been pushing hard to get additional traffic enforcement near school intersections. The other day she made it. She received a citation for running the stop sign at a school.


RIDING HOME in a car pool, Gordon Bone, Division of Highways employee, mentioned he was going on a vacation. "Are you taking your dog with you?" Ernie Diaz asked. Yes, was the reply. "I figured you wouldn't want to leave your dog home if there were no Bones in the house," said Ernie, ducking. OK, so it was a hot day.


Now it's that barren time of year
When the channels are
    drab and drear;
When tough, hard-riding
    Pistol Pete
Is unhorsed by Old Repete.
    --G.L. ERTZ


July 3, 1959, book ban TIME DOES strange things.

Gene Millhauser, an ardent sportsman, decided to have a go at the sharks which have been plaguing bathers. He went into a Pasadena gun store and bought a German Mauser, the 8-mm. rifle used by Nazi troops during World War II.

When asked for ammunition to go with it, the clerk escorted him to another counter and brought down from a shelf a box of shells made in Israel.

Gene headed for Catalina in his 33-ft. boat and about two miles off Avalon ran into a school of 50 to 60 sharks and hit 17 of them.

The curious thing is that Gene was born in Nuremberg, Germany, and fled to this country in 1939 on what was virtually the last boat out of a storm trooper country.


A BEWILDERED visitor from Mexico asked the traffic officer at 7th and Spring something and at length the policeman determined he was looking for the L.A. immigration office. But the officer's rusty high school Spanish was inadequate to get through him. Then he remembered the Beneficial Standard Life office at 756 S. Spring had a sign in the window stating its employees could say "Welcome" in 18 languages. He guided him there and the stranger was directed up the street to the Rowan Building.


July 3, 1959, Abby MEMO FROM  station KBIQ to radio editors stated, "Please revise your listing of the 9:30-10:30 p.m. Mon. through Fri. and 10-10:30 p.m. Sat. and Sun. show as follows: From Lush Interlude to Evening Interlude.

Those darn drunks are always barging in where they're not wanted.


AROUND TOWN -- The Legion fireworks show, created in 1932 by Harry Myers, 71, who is retiring after tomorrow's show, has contributed more than $903,000 to veterans rehabilitation . . . The American Sokol Organization, dedicated to physical fitness, will hold its [illegible] -- gymnastics, folk dances and mass calisthenics -- at L.A. High today, tomorrow, and Sunday. The Sokol creed: "We pledge our hands the world to see, the cause of all humanity -- the right of man to me a man." By the way, a press release refers to the L.A. unit as the "local Sokol."