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Matt Weinstock, July 28, 1959

July 28, 2009 |  4:00 pm

July 28, 1959, Peanuts

July 28, 1959: Compare this "Peanuts" strip with the one Charles Schulz did 10 years later.

Ticket Trouble

Matt Weinstock Everyone is in favor of motherhood, peace and traffic safety but strident voices are being raised over one phase of the crackdown on delinquent drivers.

Almost everyone goes along with DMV director Robert McCarthy's campaign to protect the innocent from careless drivers by revoking the licenses of those who pile up too many moving violations.

But now the insurance companies have gotten into the act. They are sending policyholders forms to fill out listing their accidents and moving violations for the last 24 months. It is indicated that those who have sinned are going to have their rates raised. As a result, the squawks are reverberating.

July 28, 1959, Sex Survey THE COMPLAINT is that the insurance companies apparently fail to distinguish between major and minor offenses. An outraged citizen who has driven for 30 ticketless years recently got two citations, one for making an illegal left run, the other for driving with his bright lights on. He said, "I'm penalized the same as a man who drives 90 miles an hour."

 Some authorities, by the way, question the advisability of insurance companies obtaining people's driving records, holding that this information should be restricted to the Motor Vehicle Department.

The insurance company forms have made motorists cagey in another way. Realizing they face rate increases if convicted on too many moving violations, they say they intent to plead not guilty and demand trials on tickets they consider unjustified -- a situation which could seriously clutter the courts.

Stay tuned in for what looks like a fine hassle.


THE ART OF the TV interview reached some sort of high point Sunday on the KNXT program Inquiry when Thomas Lanphier Jr., Convair's ballistics-missile executive, responded to a question with the mild complaint, "You are answering your own question with an answer I wouldn't give."


When it's 99 in the shade
I manage as a rule
To stay below the boiling point
Until I'm told, "Think cool."


MUSIC LOVERS are still talking about last week's nightmare performance of "Carmen" at Hollywood Bowl. Everything went wrong.

As Robert Merrill was about to go on stage a microphone wasn't working. "Look for one with a red light," he said, "that means it's live." Merrill went from one red light to another but each time he got there it went out. Finally he found one.

Later Merrill, relating the affair to a friend, "They ought to do it again just as it happened -- for laughs. It was incredible."


SOME OF THE summertime press releases are downright sneaky. For instance, this one from Chicago: "Lili Rheborg has an unusual keep-cool formula: eat a dish of cherry ice cream while you're under the shower. 'Keeps you in perfect training for picnics,' she said."

All right, what is being plugged -- shower doors, ice cream, the city of Chicago or girls? Wrong, it was from the Cherry Growers Assn.

July 28, 1959, Sex Survey ::

 A WOMAN phoned the Auto Club and said, "I just received a letter from you people and I want to talk to you about it." Club members are informed by mail on many phases of motoring and Pat Cutler, who took the call, asked what kind of letter.

"A long one," was the reply.


AROUND TOWN -- Elevator operators in the Hall of Records have been given space on the 12th floor for a recreation room, space formerly occupied by courts. And wouldn't you know the elevators run only to the 11th and they have to walk up a flight? . . . Sometimes the Dodger announcers seem unduly solicitous of the home team. Sunday, with the Dodgers leading by a comfortable 7-0, the Cards loaded the bases with two outs in the 5th, and the announcer moaned, "Don's in trouble." Drysdale got the next batter to fly out.