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Griffith Park Hermit Is War Veteran; Dodger Case May Go to Supreme Court

July 1, 2009 | 10:00 am

July 1, 1959, Movie Ads

July 1, 1959: Coming soon, "Porgy and Bess" and "Anatomy of a Murder"

July 1, 1959, David Williams

David Williams became the first African American federal judge west of the Mississippi.
July 1, 1959, Hitchhike

At left, African American Judge David Williams is overruled in dismissing cases against blacks. Williams infuriated Chief Parker by saying that enforcement of gambling laws was biased. At one point, Williams said that if blacks wanted to gamble they should go into white neighborhoods, because the laws weren't enforced there. 

July 1, 1959, Griffith Park Hermit

World War II veteran Dennis Farrell has become the Griffith Park hermit.

July 1, 1959, Hermit

July 1, 1959, Hermit

Farrell was committed to the VA hospital for psychiatric treatment. 

July 1, 1959, Sports The court fight to stop the Dodgers from building a ballpark in Chavez Ravine apparently wasn't over after all.

Louis Kirschbaum asked the Supreme Court to reverse the California Supreme Court's ruling that effectively started the plans rolling for a new baseball stadium, The Times covered the story with a short wire report.

Maybe I missed it, but I would have thought a story on Kirschbaum and the other principals who tried to block the Dodgers' move would have made a good story. I never found one--and would love to be proved wrong if I've missed it.

--Keith Thursby