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Cross-Country Trip Begins!

July 12, 2009 | 10:00 pm

Alice Ramsey on Cross-Country Trip

Emily Anderson begins her re-creation of Alice Ramsey's 1909 cross-country trip this morning. Follow her progress on her website. Or on Twitter.

Emily Anderson Arrives at Vassar -- Poughkeepsie Journal  Update: Emily Anderson has started -- in the pouring rain. The 1909 Maxwell gets a police escort out of New York and is being followed by a 1907 Spyker from the Netherlands.

June 9, 7:30 PDT: The team reports a loud noise from the engine, as if one of the connecting rods broke a bolt. "Might be up all night fixing this," the team says.

June 10:
Day 2 - car in the 'hospital' - hurt but not broken. We are delayed this morning but resting to go later today or tomorrow morning.The Maxwell is alive and kicking. Tim and Rich dedicated 26 hours to fixing it. We are meeting in the hotel lobby at 8a.m. to continue on!

Emily anderson June 12, 2009, working on the engine June 11: 5pm ish 5 miles in the knocking noise starts to pick up again ... Super bummer. Car has to stay at the shop and get worked on fast and furiously we are done for the day ... really tired. lots of rain.poor car. sunburned wrists never thought to put sunscreen on wrists before
Problem solved! oil was not reaching front cylinder and causing the babbit to run dry get hot & melt. totally fixed, car running! Relief.

Maxwell at Gas Pump June 13: car runs beautifully - excited to hit the open road but will have to take it slower tomorrow. long afternoon nap and dinner in buffalo.

 June 14: Emily Anderson and the Maxwell reach Ohio.
7 15pm we made it! After singing songs and climbing a few last hills we were greeted by cousins and friends.

June 19:
Had a wonderful lunch in Jefferson, IA. Stormy weather has returned so we had to eat and run. 120 miles left to go Omaha.

June 20:
Day to relax in Omaha. Excellent hosts. Maxwell on display sat/sun at Durham Museum for Railroad days!

June 22:
Made it to Grand Island, NE. Babbs finished up in style.

June 24: Arrived in Cheyanne, WY @ 7 PM. So great to be driving and cross another state line! 29: Lehi, UT for the night!

July 2: wonderful evening bbq hosted by the mayor of ely and the amazing railway museum. got to visit the engine house and board an 09 steam engine

July 3: Made it over 6 passes and a through a hail storm...Will lay our heads in Austin, NV.

July 3:

Drive Across AmericaJuly 8: Made it to San Rafael, CA. Awesome greeting by the Sagar family! Thanks guys!

July 9: "From Hell's Gate to the Golden Gate" Alice Ramsey 1961 We made it!!

July 12: 10am Babbs is hitting the road again - trailering to whidby island today and her final resting spot. i am having babbs driving withdrawls!