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July 6, 1924, Movies

July 6, 1924: An elaborate drawing by Times artist A.L. Ewing illustrates a new Ernst Lubitsch film, "Three Women."

"Always to do something new, something that he has never tried to do before, is the plan that Lubitsch adheres to. So, when he finished with the romantic costume type of picture with Mary Pickford, he turned to satire and humor, which nevertheless proved rather meaty fare, in the first of his Warner pictures ["Marriage Circle"]. And now, in the second, he has turned upon both of the former and is treating seriously a serious theme....

"Every woman is at heart either a prostitute or a mother, say the philosophers. So 'Three Women' is the conflict of the mother saving her daughter from the man of the world and herself falling under his spell..."
July 6, 1924, Lubitsch

July 6, 1924, Lubitsch

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