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'Three Little Pigs' Has Racial Meaning, Official Says!

June 2, 2009 |  8:00 am
June 2, 1959, Did You Hear?

"Did You Hear What I Said, June?"

June 2, 1959, Smog

June 2, 1959, Mayor Porter

June 2, 1959, Cocoanut Grove

June 2, 1959, Sentenced

June 2, 1959, North American

Southern California's aerospace industry!

June 2, 1959, Three Little Pigs

When I saw this headline, I thought it was a joke. It's not.

June 2, 1959, Iraq

Iraq drops a polite note to the American Embassy saying no thanks to U.S. aid because it conflicts with Iraq's neutrality.


Lots of comics made fun of beatniks, including "Nancy." Now it's "Judge Parker's" turn. View this page

June 2, 1959, Shake Hands With the Devil
"Shake Hands With the Devil."

June 2, 1959_0602, Saturday Evening Post

Above, the Post was a slick, large-format magazine of news and short fiction found in many homes. The editors certainly had a knack for picking the issues that concerned middle America. Think Norman Rockwell. Or "Hazel."

June 2, 1959, Poet Laureate

State's poet laureate uses drugs!

June 2, 1959, Capuchine

Joe Hyams talks to Capucine.

June 6, 1959, Ramon Novarro
Ramon Novarro in remake of "The Pagan."

June 2, 1959, DeMille

The Times covers a convention of women's clubs.

June 2, 1959, Revlon

Smog-proof your hair! View this page

June 2, 1959, Sports

The Coliseum's "Chinese Wall." View this page