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Matt Weinstock, June 4, 1959

June 4, 2009 |  4:00 pm

Only in L.A.

Matt Weinstock A well-known figure in the music world was dining with a woman in a restaurant the other night when his brother walked in. The music man turned the other way and shielded his companion so they wouldn't be seen.

Next day the brother phoned him and asked what the idea was.

The music man said, "I didn't want anyone to see the girl I was with."

"Look, we're brothers!" was the retort. "You don't nave to hide anything from me!"

"I know," the music man said, "but I just didn't want to be seen with her. It was my ex-wife."


AN ENGINEER with a firm doing secret work on missiles got a shock the other day. His daughter, a third grader, interviewed him recently for a school assignment. When she let him read her appear he was appalled to discover that she'd added some of her own fantastic ideas to the meager information he'd given her and reached conclusions that were highly classified.


June 4, 1959, Austerity A LADY WHO came down with a severe and stubborn ailment and had to go to a hospital has recovered from the illness but not quite from her doctor's diagnosis.

This is a rare treat," he said in delight. "You have not only one but two types of disease. We seldom get to see it except in autopsies."



"Fabulous" at last is being tabled --
But whoa for us -- who likes "fabled"?



THE PSYCHIC phenomena department is buzzing today.

During the night the electricity went off briefly in Carl Logan's home in Playa del Rey, and the next morning he had to reset the electric clock. When he got into his car he found that the electric clock there had also stopped at exactly the same time as the house clock.

And when Merwin Gerard of the ABC-TV program "Alcoa Presents," which deals with the unexplainable, appeared on KFI to talk about his show, his voice was heard coming over the music by KFAC listeners.

LITERARY NOTES -- In 1945 Joseph Hudock wrote a CBS radio "Suspense" script titled "Spoils for Victor." Producer Bill Robson used it again recently but now can't find the author to pay him for the rerun. That's the way things go. Most Hollywood writers are scrambling to see their scripts and here's one who made a sale but hasn't collected. Go get the dough Joe...


THE CAPRICIOUS customer is always with us. A lady named Maxine at Title Insurance received a phone call from a customer who said he'd drive in and sign a pending deed if the company would pay for the gas.

Then there was a note an internal revenue office received with a blank tax return. "You were notified several times that I have been dead for four years," it stated. "Please send no more of these blanks."

June 4, 1959, Abby PACIFIC OCEAN Park is off to a rousing season and among the new features is an ocean boat ride, accompanied by the cheery comments of the captain at the wheel. As the boat headed away from the pier the other night he greeted his passengers warmly and asked if there were any questions -- just as a medium-sized swell caught the boat sideways. "Yes," a nervous lady said, "when do we go back?"


AT RANDOM -- Beginning June 15 the Beverly Hills YWCA is beginning classes in golf, to get the ladies up and around and maybe a little excited, and yoga (the exercise, not the philosophy) to relax them. Some are taking both ... Lady named Lucy reports that when Bess Truman had her operation she positively heard Fulton Lewis say that the growth was not "malicious" ... Seeing the double feature, "Gigi" and "Gidget," Olive Knitt could not help wishing Gogi Grant and Google Withers had gotten into the act.