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Matt Weinstock, June 20, 1959

June 20, 2009 |  4:00 pm

Summer Sadness

Matt Weinstock Yesterday was the last day of school and the big thing with the youngsters normally would have been report cards and autographs in the school annual and parties and gay farewells to teachers and friends.

It wasn't. It was the despairing outlook at the beaches for the summer.

Those who had looked forward to swimming and surfing and skin diving have changed their plans, or had them changed by their parents. The incidents at LaJolla and elsewhere have instilled in everyone's consciousness a violent fear of sharks.

The youngsters will still go to the beaches but they won't go too near the water. Looks like a big summer for lounging in the sand and listening to portable radios. But it won't be quite the same.


A VETERAN ACTOR got a call for an interview for a role in a TV drama and at the appointed time appeared in a Hollywood office and was introduced to two young men, Madison Ave. types. Right off one of them, barely 25, threw the insulting question at him, "And what have you done lately?"

The actor glared at him and retorted, "I've been counting my residuals. Who are you and what have you done lately?"

He didn't get the job, only a little satisfaction. he says, "It's bad enough to take guff from people you work for but you don't have to take it from some jerk you might work for."

These are the conditions which prevail in TV.



We love the way you gaily laugh
Dear Dad, each time you pay the bills.
So once again our gift will be
A jar of tranquilizing pills.



THE WAY Walt Hackett tells it, a certain college had on its football team a pair of famous halfbacks. One was from a wealthy family and had no problems. The other was a poor orphan who lived in a shabby section of town. To keep up his morale the coach occasionally visited him.

One day college authorities summoned the coach and demanded that he explain his visits to Skid Row. He said, "I just wanted to see how the other half lives."

WHEN NEWS OF the Miami tornado came over the wire the city desk put in a call for Nelson Tiffany, attending the press photographers convention there, for possible eyewitness material, but couldn't get him. Turned out he'd been attending a theater a few miles from the disaster scene and didn't even know it had been raining.

ONLY IN HOLLYWOOD -- A man went into a restaurant alone. It was dark in there but it was still obvious that he was alone. Nevertheless the maitre d', a slave to a formula, greeted him with, "How do you do. One in your party?"


AROUND TOWN -- You know the billboards showing several men with a batch of freshly caught fish and some cans of beer? The one in the 8000 block on West 3rd Street, JohnnyEccleston reports, now states, "It's Lucky when you live in California -- unless you're a fish"... Speaking of which, Melissa Caron overheard a man say, "The trouble with her is that she went from beer to champagne without stepping up to Schlitz" ... The Highland Meat Packing Co. in Vernon advertises, "We would like to meat you."

FOOTNOTES -- The newsreels have a sequence in which Robert McCarthy, explaining the DMV crackdown on careless motorists, says, "It's better to lose licenses than lives" ... Morse bakery on San Vicente Blvd. had a cake on display with "Happy Father's Day" in icing on one side, a miniature bottle of whisky on the other ... KatyGraydon became so enthusiastic about the Disneyland TV show that she could hardly wait to take the submarine ride and see all the sea "servants" ... Mrs. G.O.M., who hasn't had a citation in 25 years of driving, thought she'd had it when aCHP officer stopped her on Atlantic Blvd. and said she thought she'd made it on the yellow. No ticket, just a friendly warning, so she's still 100%.