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Larry Harnisch reflects on Los Angeles history

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Man Builds Model of 1881 Los Angeles

Nov. 8, 1931, Model of Los Angeles

Nov. 8, 1931: For its 50th anniversary, The Times re-creates Los Angeles as it was in 1881. Above, Robert H. Sexton Jr. displays an elaborate model of the city in 1881, measuring about 8 feet by 5 feet. The model was put on exhibit at the Los Angeles Public Library and was to be available to schools and colleges for educational purposes. I wonder what became of it.

Nov. 8, 1931, Model of 1881 Los Angeles

Nov. 15, 1931, Re-Creation of 1881 Los Angeles

Nov. 15, 1931: Part 1 of a story about Los Angeles in 1881. Note especially a photo of the Baker Block showing one of the early carbon arc light towers.

Nov. 22, 1931, Model of 1881 Los Angeles

Part 2 of a story about Los Angeles in 1881. Notice that the photo of the Plaza church shows graves out in front.

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Fascinating! Ironic that the L.A. of 1931 is also largely a "vanished city" today...


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