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Found on EBay -- Old Map of Los Angeles

1954 Thomas Bros. Guide

A 1954 Thomas Bros. Guide for Los Angeles has been listed on EBay. These old maps come in handy around the Daily Mirror HQ. Bidding starts at $9.95.
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I suppose if you were writing a book, the old maps would come in handy, but not sure for what other uses. What about old globes? I have one that is about 25 years old. It is sort of neat to look at it and see the old names of some countries, and also to see the old borders of some countries, but basically, they, too are obsolete.

I have a cousin from Milwaukee coming to LA for a visit. When I told her to get a map, she was astonished, saying she has a GPS system....Boy, will see be in a world of hurt when she tries to get from the West side to Universal Studios if she doesn't have a good map with her.

Speaking of globes, I was in a Toys R Us soon after the collapse of the USSR, and attempted to buy a globe at a great discount seeing as it, and globes all over the world, had become out of date practically overnight. They were having none of it though.


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