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Former President Says 'Liberal,' 'Conservative' Labels Are 'Dumdum' Words

June 13, 2009 |  8:00 am
June 13, 1939, Lipstick

"She Left This Note Written in Lipstick! It Explains Everything.'

June 13, 1939, Kelso

June 13, 1939, Kelso

June 13, 1939, Hoover

In a commencement address at Earlham College, former President Herbert Hoover says that labels like "liberal" and "conservative" are "dumdum words to assassinate men and then to plant bitter onions on their graves."
June 13, 1939, Pinky Tomlin

June 13, 1939, Molest
June 13, 1939, Cadets
President Roosevelt shakes hands with West Point graduates and gives them their commissions as second lieutenants.

June 13, 1939, Jewish Refugees

Jewish refugees seeking sanctuary face a difficult plight after being turned away from Cuba, Peru and Mexico.
June 13, 1939, Brooks Bros.

Adjusted for inflation, the suits cost $383.63 and $460.36.
June 13, 1939, American

A massed band of young musicians performs at the Hollywood Bowl in a program titled "I Am an American."

June 13, 1939, Stabbing

Richard Holland, 16, is charged with killing Paul Butler in a brawl after a trip to one of the offshore gambling ships. Richard's father admitted taking his son to the gambling ship and said several people in their group had been drinking. The judge ruled that Holland acted in self-defense, but committed him to the Blade School at Atascadero, Calif. That's right. Someone accused in a stabbing was sentenced to the Blade School.

June 13, 1939, Great American Family

Lee Shippey's "Great American Family" sets an attendance record at the Pasadena Playhouse. 

Below, a federal official says Los Angeles is jeopardizing its chances of getting federal slum clearance funding by failing to submit proposals.

June 13, 1939, Slum Clearance

June 13, 1939, Editorial Cartoon

President Roosevelt -- seeking an unprecedented third term -- and Vice President John Nance Garner of Texas are expected to compete for the 1940 Democratic nomination.

June 13, 1939, diplomas

Local school officials seek ways to prevent drunkenness and reckless driving by graduating seniors.

June 13, 1939, Bowron
June 13, 1939, Lee Side O' L.A.

Above, Lee Shippey reminises about  church picnics in one of his typical columns and talks about William S. Hart's re-release of "Tumbleweeds."

At left, Mayor Bowron dispels rumors that he plans to resign to take a post on the federal bench.

June 13, 1939, Maisie

Opening today: "Maisie" and "Calling Dr. Kildare."

June 13, 1939, Peace
It's amazing that anyone living in 1939 could believe that peace was near. But Stephen Stanton Myrick did!
June 13, 1939, Fiddler

Jimmy Fidler takes a look at the box office revenues of  Warner Bros.' "Dark Victory," which was a "Class-B" production. 

June 13, 1939, Byron Nelson

Byron Nelson takes the National Open by three strokes against Craig Wood.

June 13, 1939, Sports

Cooperstown celebrates the centennial of baseball.