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The 'Further Crimes' of Dr. George Hodel

May 1, 2009 | 10:18 am

James Ellroy's Copy of "Dahlia Avenger"

Above: James Ellroy's inscribed copy of "Black Dahlia Avenger," as sold on EBay.
Steve Hodel's long-promised sequel to "Black Dahlia Avenger" is evidently headed toward bookstores, according to this item in Library Journal: Steve Hodel with Ralph Pezzullo. Most Evil: The Further Serial Murders of Dr. George Hodel. Dutton. Sept. 2009. 384p. ISBN 978-0-525-95132-2. $26.95.

The book is embargoed (as was "Dahlia Avenger"), but based on what has been known for years, it will probably link Dr. George Hodel to the Suzanne Degnan case -- and an overflowing file cabinet of unsolved and totally unrelated killings.

One thing we know for sure is that Deborah Perez beat Hodel to the claim that her father was Zodiac. And if the "research" is anything like what was presented in "Dahlia Avenger," it will be full of holes and loaded with fanciful speculation. 

 Pezzullo's website is here.