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The Latest Fashions; Dodgers vs. Angels? May 7, 1969

May 7, 1969, Broadway

OK, ladies, fess up. How many of you dressed like this? The scarf on the arm thing is really intriguing--what kept it up? And those glasses! But to be honest, I usually enjoy the bold, dramatic artwork in the fashion ads, which gave the pages some style and elegance.

May 7, 1969, Sports The Dodgers turned down a request from the Angels to extend the Freeway Series into the regular season. We're not talking about interleague play -- just a long-delayed spring training game.

The Angels wanted to finish their exhibition series on an off day for both teams. You can't blame them for trying -- the Angels were 6-1 against the Dodgers since they began playing each other in spring training. The teams had each won a game in 1969, with the third game rained out.

You know the regular season is going badly when you're trying to line up a meaningless exhibition.

Dodgers Vice President Red Patterson wired Angels General Manager Dick Walsh to decline (this was long before the two executives could Twitter each other). Patterson said the Dodgers would want to use one of their starting pitchers against the Angels, and "with our club shooting for a division championship, breaking into the regular rotation would not seem too wise."


-- Keith Thursby

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All of the styles in the ad are very "in" right now.
Just discovered this and am really enjoying your "Daily Mirror" blog. I love both of your featured columnists emeritui (?) Coates, and Weinstock, and my teenage daughters enjoyed them as well.
I've lived in the South all my life, but my dad grew up there in your area, and moved back in the late '60s where he was an engineer with the water project until his untimely if "romantic" death on the back of a bike on the freeway near Barstow.
Have loved the 1947 project since the early 00s!
Thank you both so much for doing this.
Jeannie Weller


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