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Police Hunt Gunmen as Officer Fights for Life; Dodgers Win, May 1, 1959

May 1, 2009 |  8:00 am

May 1, 1959, Officer Shot

May 1, 1959: Another LAPD officer is shot in the line of duty. Robert D. Cody will survive being hit in the stomach with a shotgun blast because his Sam Browne belt blocked some of the pellets. 

May 1, 1959, Cover

A police commissioner predicts a criminal "Pearl Harbor" after Mayor Poulson proposes a $6-million cut in the LAPD budget.
May 1, 1959, Officer Shot

A family brawl in Lennox ends when Billy Chance, 17, shoots his father in the head with a .45-caliber revolver. The fight began when William Chance's wife, Frieda, threatened to leave him. And there's Mickey Cohen and Candy Barr! 

May 1, 1959, Older Workers

A look at stresses in the workforce as young employees pressure older people to retire and make way for them.

May 1, 1959, Nixon

Nixon will take the 1960 presidential election, Times political columnist Raymond Moley says.

May 1, 1959, JFK

Will Democratic Sen. John F. Kennedy's Catholic faith help him or hurt him if he is a candidate for president? 

May 1, 1959, Comics

"Ferd'nand" seems to be about Mrs. Ferd'nand smuggling a new dress into the house. 
May 1, 1959, Older Workers

May 1, 1959, Sports Sandy Koufax struggled, Duke Snider ran for his life and still the Dodgers won. They beat the Phillies, 6-4, ending a long losing streak in Philadelphia and keeping them in a virtual tie with the Milwaukee Braves for first place.

Koufax was wild and didn't finish the fourth inning. The Dodgers didn't know what to do with him--he had yet to win a game in April during his career. "We can't seem to get Sandy to stop aiming the ball," Manager Walt Altson told The Times' Frank Finch. "We all know Sandy can be tough once he gets in the groove, but getting him there is the problem."

Snider hit an inside the park home run to give the Dodgers the lead for good. His drive hit the top of the right-center field wall and the ball rebounded into foul territory. Snider, sore knee and all, scored standing up.

The pitching hero was Art Fowler, who became best known as Billy Martin's traveling pitching coach for several of his managerial stops. Fowler had two saves with the Dodgers in 1959, and this was one of them. This was Fowler's only season with the Dodgers. He played for the Angels from 1961-64.

--Keith Thursby