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Matt Weinstock -- May 9, 1959

May 9, 2009 |  4:00 pm

Hearts Respond

Matt_weinstockdOne of the city's older elementary schools, Hyde Park, is now set aside for deaf and hard-of-hearing children. Last weekend Michael, 7, a first-grader learning to live in his silent world, wandered into a pool and drowned.

His teacher visited his home and found that the family could not afford a funeral. The alternative in such cases is cremation by the county.

So the principal, the teachers, the clerks and the custodians chipped in and raised $80, and the funeral was held a few days ago.

An anonymous teacher at the school, situated at 3140 Hyde Park Blvd., was so impressed with the gesture she thought others would like to know.


May 9, 1959, Sid Ziff ON JAN. 13, 1847, Lt. Col. John C. Fremont and Gen. Andreas Pico signed a Treaty of Cahuenga ending hostilities between the United States and Mexico. Historical groups regularly observe the anniversary at Camp de Cahuenga, a half-acre park across Lankershim Blvd. from Universal-International studio. Dull, eh?

Well, a quarter-mile away Caesar's soldiers have been fighting it out with a Roman slave army as they did in 74 BC for the film "Spartacus." The hillside is strewn with dummy corpses and the carcasses of prop animals. And to get away from it all, some of Julius' tired troops come to theCampo during the lunch break and sit in the sun.



Liberty and freedom were secured for us and yet
There is no freedom for the man who's constantly in debt.

- G. C. McHose


TOO MANY marines on leave have become weekend highway traffic casualties and the California Safety Council has been conducting a campaign of warning.

One day recently the 1st Marine Division at Camp Pendleton was lined up to hear a Safety Council speaker point out the dangers of highway driving. As an added, somewhat gruesome exhibit, a casket was placed on the stage with a blue light over it. Afterward, when the marines came up for a look they found themselves staring into a mirror where the head normally would be.

The other day a Safety Council member checked with Pendleton about the campaign and an officer said they'd had to get rid of the casket which had been borrowed from a mortuary. A rat got into it and chewed a hole in the lining.

May 9, 1959, Sid Ziff ONLY IN L.A. -- Councilman Ransom Callicott received a letter from a fraternal organization the other day informing him the member had decided to endorse him in the May 26 election.

He's in a dilemma. He doesn't know what to tell them. He was re-elected in the April 7 primary.


A HANDSOME woman who had just been awarded a divorce and what had been the connubial home remarked with a significant smile to reporter Chester Washington, who covered the case, "You know, I'm considered the best housekeeper in Hollywood," A check of the records disclosed she'd been divorced three times and each time got the house, two of them apartments. So, out of marriage into the real estate business.


AROUND TOWN -- Writer Frank Barron learned his TV series "Man From Black Hawk" had been sold when he read it in a Hollywood trade paper ... DorothyHealy, long-time target of subversion seekers, spoke before SC's Wesley Club at University Methodist Church Wednesday on "Why I Am a Communist" - without benefit of scrutiny from the Civic Center. The talk was one of a series of inquiries into opposing beliefs and was orderly throughout ... An Eagle Rock pastor told his congregation about the grumpy fellow who was heard muttering as he left the church, "Well, there's another hour all shot to heaven!" ... Overheard exchange in  a Sepulveda bar:

"What do you say you and I fly to the moon, baby?"

"What are you, a spaceman, on a fly-by-night sheet?"