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Matt Weinstock, May 15, 1959

May 15, 2009 |  4:00 pm

Social Outcast

Matt_weinstockdA lady whose husband is a kind of subdued celebrity found herself listening in awe at a party as the other female guests discussed with embarrassing frankness their current and divorced husbands and boyfriends.

Inevitably they turned to her and she admitted shyly that she'd been married only once, to the same man, for 25 years.

They shrank from her as if she'd confessed she had a contagious disease.

To make matters worse, the hostess admitted bluntly she thought only those who'd had multiple affairs of the heart were interesting.

At the first opportunity the once-wed lady, feeling like an outcast, fled in terror.


May 15, 1959, Gambling Raid A MATTER OF considerable delicacy that has plagued patrons of the long, dark Rainbow bar on Hill Street has been admirably solved by that noble citizen, MikeMolony.

Weary of steering gropers in the murky recesses of the place, Mike saw his duty and did it. Now the place is adorned with handsomely lettered and mounted signs, with directional arrows, stating, "Rest Rooms at the End of the Rainbow."



Split-level homes and mile-long cars
Hi-fi sets and chrome snack bars;
All of these including Goyas
On easy terms as low as low as.

- G. L. ERTZ


HUMOR RARELY seeps through the studied politicking in Sacramento but it did May 4 when Sen. Hugh Burns of Fresno introduced Resolution 65:

"Whereas, in the year 1909 the first special week was born and christened Raisin Week and

"Whereas, since then there has been an endless variety of special weeks until today there are more weeks than there are weeks in a year, including Save the Pun Week, Return the Borrowed Books Week, Let's Go Fishing Week and International Pizza Week, and

"Whereas, the millions of words of imperishable prose written by thousands of press agents extolling those worthy causes have been a source of great and nearly unbearable suffering to the American public, and

"Whereas, the tender, delicious, economical and nutritious raisin is the cause of it all..."

Anyway, May 3-9 was the golden anniversary of Raisin Week.

There'll always be a commercial.


INADVERTENTLY, profound remark uttered by a man, possibly a tourist, looking down from the sidewalk on North Broadway at the teeming traffic on Hollywood Freeway below, to a companion: "What beats me is where they're all going in such a hurry!"


AROUND TOWN -- A certain high-schooler, a natural malaproper, recently admired the "concussion" instruments in the school orchestra, referred to the "floormat" of a school play and mentioned that a friend belonged to a church "conjugation." His tattletale father confides, "But we love him just the same" ... DickMathison, who recently acquired a Thunderbird , diabolically blows his horn and waves at passing sports car drivers and watches them become grimly thunderstruck. They don't consider the T-bird a true sports car.