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Matt Weinstock -- May 1, 1959

May 1, 2009 |  4:00 pm

A Call From Sam

Matt_weinstockdBill Stout of KNXT received a phone call the other day from a stranger who said he was Sam (Golf Bag) Hunt, a big man in Chicago hoodlum circles. He was calling, he said, to get off his chest a few scornful and unkind words about the LAPD high command for hollering Mafia every time the rising crime rate was pointed out.

"Hey," Bill said, "aren't you supposed to be dead?"

That was propaganda, he snorted.

They chatted awhile and then Sam said he'd call Bill again later in the day.

IN THE INTERIM Stout checked the files and came upon a clipping from an L.A. newspaper stating that Sam Hunt, who got his nickname from carrying a machine gun in a golf bag, had been slain in New York and buried in Birmingham, Ala., in August, 1956.

May 1, 1959, Mirror Comics True to his promise, Sam Hunt, or whoever he was phoned again that afternoon. When Stout said he'd seen a clipping about Sam's having been killed, the caller kidded, in his Southern drawl mixed with underworldese, "I wouldn't be caught dead in New York. My town's Chicago. I'm leaving tonight."

 The question naturally arises -- is Sam (Golf Bag) Hunt alive or dead?


OBSERVATION by a man who now lives alone: "The most amazing thing about being a bachelor again is how long a tube of toothpaste lasts."


Youth ere, water ewe dewing?
Ore ewe afore donor?
No, I'm justice tapt a baker.
Dew youth ink offer won chewed bee a stew dew baker?


FORMER employees of the defunct L.A. Daily News have received official notices from U.S. District Court informing them that the final meeting of creditors will be held before David B. Head, referee in bankruptcy, May 7. This is to alert court attaches that a raffish band of irrepressible Daily Newsers, holding the bag for some $700,000 in severance pay, plan to attend and boo.


HAD YOUR non sequitur for today? A tall, handsome young man left the steam room at the Beverly Hills Heath Club the other day and, Martin Ragaway reports, the following conversation ensued between two elderly gentlemen who remained:

"Who was that?"

That was Rock Hudson."

"Oh, the basketball player?"

"No, Rock Hudson the actor."

"You know, Rock Hudson wouldn't be a bad name for a basketball player."


May 1, 1959, Abby EVERYWHERE a person goes these days crews are hacking up the street for something or other, diverting traffic with those rubber dunce cap lane markers. However, a Burbank resident thinks a crew really hit bottom on his street. He awoke at 1:30 a.m. to flashing red lights and the whining of a power saw outside. For reasons that are not clear a crew was feeding fallen tree limbs into a chopper -- at that hour.


AT RANDOM -- The reporters on the sheriff's beat almost had a big story yesterday. This message came through on the teletype: "Missing person on muleback . Person returned home uninjured. Mule is still lost" ... Phi Mu Alpha, SC music fraternity, tonight is presenting an original jazz opera, "Archy and Mehitable," based on Don Marquis' fable about the cat and the cockroach, further evidence that Don's whimsy is imperishable.