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L.A. Orders Two-Man Streetcar Crews, May 11, 1939

May 11, 2009 |  6:00 am

  May 11, 1939, Photo Page

These old papers are fantastic; all you have to do is stick a shovel in the dirt and you strike gold.

May 11, 1939, Streetcars

At left and above, Los Angeles struggles to solve its problems with congested traffic. The Times shows work underway to streamline the intersection of Temple, Figueroa and Flower streets.

The Los Angeles Railway hurriedly restores two-man crews to streetcars to comply with a city ordinance.

James Burchill, 58, newly released from prison in Pennsylvania, is returned to Los Angles to face charges that he killed LAPD motorcycle Officer Thomas J. Kronschnabel in 1916. Burchill is also charged with kidnapping Naomi Bispo, who was 13 at the time.
May 11, 1939, Streetcars

Leo Gorcey's wife, Kay, wears hat made of paper plate, paper napkin and eggshells! She's 17, he's 21.
May 11, 1939, Times Man

Times proofreader's obituary: "Hal was a quiet man. His life was The Times.... The headlines he scanned for errors each day were Hal's chief contact with a teeming world."
May 11, 1939, Theater

"In a word description of Mickey Rooney's exaggerated attentiveness to every girl on the lot: Ham-morous."
May 11, 1939, Iron Lung Man
May 11, 1939, Comics

Alfred Andriola's Charlie Chan refers to "humble self" twice in four panels.
May 11, 1939, Sports

Alice Marble is training for the singles tournament at Wimbledon