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Father Turns in Son in Fatal Stabbing, May 22, 1959

May 22, 2009 |  8:00 am

May 22, 1959, Wait Right There

"Just Wait There!  -- I'll Come Right Down."

may 22, 1959, Insane

Kenneth A. Merriam is accused of helping to kill the two children of his girlfriend, Wanda Brogdon. Evidently, both of them were mentally disabled.

At right, Ernie Kovacs needs a 100-foot piano for his TV show.
May 22, 1959, Cover
A father turns in his son and a friend after they killed a man. View this page

May 22, 1959, Embezzler
Underworld figures rounded up after 1957 mob summit. View this page

May 22, 1959, Ernie Kovacs

May 22, 1959, House

Catherine Webber of 1368 Yosemite Drive says house movers are trespassing when the jack up a house 20 feet in the air to clear her garage.

May 22, 1959, Comics
Who wins Day 2 of the "Nancy" vs. "Ferd'nand" comic death match? View this page

May 22, 1959, Sports
Boxing is even more crooked than anyone realized, Paul Zimmerman says. View this page