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Second Takes -- Billy Wilder

Sept. 22, 1954, Billy Wilder, Sabrina

Sept. 22, 1954: "Sabrina" opens in Los Angeles.
May 27, 1953, Billy Wilder, Sabrina

May 27, 1953: David Knight is cast in "Sabrina Fair."
June 20, 1953, Billy Wilder, Sabrina

June 20, 1953: More about Knight, who vanished from the final cast. 
Aug. 22, 1953, Billy Wilder, Sabrina

Aug. 22, 1953: The leads are cast: Audrey Hepburn, William Holden and Humphrey Bogart.
Sept. 30, 1953, Billy Wilder, Sabrina

Sept. 30, 1953: Casting continues.
Oct. 3, 1953, Billy Wilder, Sabrina

Oct. 3, 1953
Oct. 9, 1953, Billy Wilder, Sabrina

Oct. 9, 1953: Filming is in progress in New York.
Oct. 24, 1953, Billy Wilder, Sabrina

Oct. 24, 1953: Although the film is in black and white, Holden dyes his hair red. And another plug for Cy Howard! He must have been one of Hedda Hopper's favorites.


Oct. 26, 1953: Holden talks about a movie he'd like to make.

Sept. 23, 1954, Billy Wilder, Sabrina

Sept. 23, 1954: Edwin Schallert reviews "Sabrina." "Constantly through the cleverness of individual situations 'Sabrina' seems to override what is wrong with its plot and even its motivation. It is strictly movie in its essential values which all too often, according to all-too-well established Hollywood tradition, completely disregard the issue of being convincing."
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